Monday 8 February 2010

Honda super 90 record speed machine

This picture from the JJ

The rest of this text is the story of this cool Honda super 90 engined record breaker, taken from the JJ (link)

In 1969, my brother and I got a hair up our butts and decided to see how fast we could make his old Honda Super 90 run. The engine was an OHC 89cc 4 stroke. I had the barrel bored out to 99.8cc right at the top of the 100cc class. I had our Dad’s old buddy, Kenny Harmon, grind a “Las Vegas” cam, pulled the stock mag, and converted the ignition to a total loss battery deal. Looking at the AMA record book, the 100cc fuel class records looked ripe for picking. I dug out an old 3/4″ Amal carb that Dad had converted to floatless operation for my 1/4 midget (another story). We decided the stock Honda pressed frame wouldn’t do, so I welded up a frame out of 3/4″ OD .035 chromoly tube. Welded up a short fork and had Buchanan lace up a pair of 16″ Akront alloy “record” wheels. We fitted the highest gear sprokets we could find and headed for Bonneville.

We entered the AA 100 and APSA 100 classes, which are 100cc modified frame and 100cc partial streamlined. Our first run Jack ran about 7 mph over the AA record. Next morning, he made a two-way average of just under 85mph for a new AA100 record. That afternoon, we bolted on the little fairing we had cobbeled up and Jack qualified for the APSA 100 record. Next morning, netted a two way average just under 88mph. He ran down at over 93mph, but a head wind killed it on the return run. Don’t ever think Honda motors aren’t tough. The nitro load was a killer 88% on almost 15:1 compression! We put the bike in the back of my Ranchero, watched for a couple of days, and headed home with two AMA record certs signed by Earl Flanders, and J. Otto Crocker.

The moral: If a couple of 20, and 24 year old kids can have fun on the salt, and grab a couple of records, anyone can!!

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