Friday 26 March 2010

On a budget - Honda cb400 four 1977

The bike I got off t'interweb. Honda cb 400/4. no mot or tax or docs. Its a "project"


  1. had one just like that when i was 17 could carry 5 of us comfortably if you used the front brake in to a corner it stayer on and i had to stand up and kick it back to get any foward motion am looking foward to seeing what you do with it,,

  2. hi, used to own a honda 400 4 super sport cafe and loved it. I am looking for info on the seat height...I handled it well but now I have a 1981 bmw r65 and it seems much taller now...

  3. Hi there,
    If You like I can measure the height when I get the chance.