Tuesday 17 August 2010

BSA M20 gearbox

I open the inspection cover for te first time in however many years/decades

argh, disaster!


  1. Ha Ha, Yea I think it's easy to sort, although I suspect the mechanisms are ciesed up. cogs move, levers dont.

  2. diss assemble and soak rusty parts in vinegar, every 12 hrs remove the parts and scrub with a hard brush (plastic even) should clean up real nice, dont forget to rinse off at the end in water then wd40 or similar.
    if its siezed up place the whole thing in the freezer and leave for a day or so, use a propane torch of the od of those selectors, it wont take much heat for them to move

  3. Cheers thanks. Ill give it a wazz.