Sunday 29 August 2010

Suzuki Raider 125cc mini monster (import)

Good ride out and about today. I was on my Honda cb400 and Rich was on his import Suzuki. The "underbone" Suzuki 125 is fast as a mo fo.

Very little exists information wise on this suckah. there is some text here on a blog called Riders Motorcycle. It reads: "
This mini monster called by many motorcycle enthusiast is living up to its branding. Small but big in power and performance. This bike is powered by a
125cc Dual Overhead Cam (DOHC) engine. This engine consumes a moderate 30-35 kilometer per liter while driven in city streets and up to 45 kilometers per liter in long highways.

The Suzuki raider 125 came in the Philippines in July 2002 and became popular January 2003. It caught much of the attention of Riders young and old alike. It is because of its innovative and sporty design. Unlike most underbones this bike has a telescopic front suspension and it also has a monoshock suspension on the rear, thus performing better in terms of handling and overall driving pleasure. also unlike most UB's this bike sports a rear disc brake for added breaking power. Another noticeable aspect of the Raider 125 is that it is sporting 5 spoke alloy wheels! This adds to the bike weight but it also adds to the bike stability when riding in high speeds. It also score points in handling. When cornering it handles well becaues of its weight in the front so the rider wont feel any problem on sharp curves.

And its design is complemented by a sporty colorways. My personal choice is the Science Yellow Color. Its a fusion of blue electric blue, orange, white, black and silver all blended well in a stunning yellow base color."

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