Sunday 12 September 2010

Netley Marsh Autojumble September 2010

I took lot's of photos at the Autojumble. Loads of old bits that I like to look at. It doesent translate very well to photographs so I deleted most. It would be good to have the photography skills to capture the tangled masses of barmy shapes and random antique castings that are battling the sands of time. Baybutt's the photography expert but he's on holiday. Here are a bunch of pictures. I can't Identify all the machines here so If anyone happens to know the model's Feel free to advise.
 I think I see that illusive 1915 AJS model D cog, oh wait, no it's not.
Second bike looks like a Kawasaki h2 triple. Velocette at the top. bottom looks like a BSA g14 1000cc vtwin. More pics to follow.

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