Sunday, 19 September 2010

Nice Triumph Sprint Machine

 Here is the information regarding this bike. This is all the info from the owner, taken from the paper hanging off the front of the bike:-

"This machine was built in 1961 by Tony Bryant of Lightwater Motorcycles, Surrey. It was originally powered by a 350cc AJS 7R engine. On its first event at Ramsgate sprint, it won it's class and broke the 350cc class record. At Brighton Speed Trials it was first in its class and broke the 350cc record once more.
triumph sprint motorcycles

It is also believed to be thefirst 350 to get into the 13 second bracket for a quater mile, not bad for todays standards, but amazing for nearly 50 years ago!

Due to work pressures Tony sold the bike to Dave Lowe who
extracted even more power from it in the form of nitro methane, unfortunately this melted the magnesium cylinder head and wrecked the engine. Dave then fitted a Triumph T100 engine and continued racing the bike for a few more years, eventually retiring from the sport and selling the Triumph engine but keeping the rolling frame in his garage for nearly 40 years.

The bike was purchased as a  frame 2 years ago and was rebuilt to it's triumph spec as raced by Dave Lowe.

To complete the circle and to the owners delight, last weekend 11/09/10 at Brighton Speed Trials, the bike won it's class some forty nine years after it first broke the course record in 1961."

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  1. That's excellent... what a fitting reward for a bike with such a history. I'm so glad that it has been rebuilt the way it should be and still used in anger. Nice post MP.