Monday 25 October 2010

Wicked piece of history. Don Cates Mort Found.

This was on the show and go.
So cool to find these old customs from yesteryear like this. Here are the pics from show and go.

  The text from show and go reads "Not long after doing the post on Don Cates MORT Triumph Trike, I got this email, and over the weekend the link to the photos below. As of now this is all the info I have. Enjoy,

"I saw the magazine article you posted on your web site and I just wanted to let you know that I worked for Don Cates while he was showing this motorcycle.

I have recently gotten in touch with Don and have acquired Mort After 40 years of being stored in a trailer.

It is my intention to perform a full restoration and show this work of art once again. I thought that you might like to know that this bike is still around and that Don will be there to support my efforts, as well as many of the original people that participated in the original build."

Big D"


  1. I had Don custom my Triumph back in 1970 I still have people that see the old picture of it Dig the crap out of it. It got sold when I was in the Army.

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing Mort again as a kid I use to stand there for hours looking at that trike at Skip Foredice Motorcycles on 14th street in Riverside .I believe it was painted twice.

  3. Don Cate is my uncle and the memories of MORT are numerous. It will be great to see the finished restoration of MORT. Looking for ward to watching this transition happen.

  4. Don Cate is my grandfather. Can't wait to see this restored. I've only ever seen it from an old newspaper clipping. :)

  5. Don is my father and I remember the more it when I was a little girl it was in the showroom of his Chopper shop Cates Custom Cycle and we would sit in it and take pictures with this mannequin that look like him he used to set it in there on the showroom floor of his Chopper shop well I went and played with my dog kraut my dad's right hand man name is crowded cuz my dad love sauerkraut and kielbasa would love to see it restored in-person maybe someday what's up daddy if you're reading this love you still long time