Sunday 21 November 2010

Board track racers on an oval

Looks like its more of a demonstration than a race. I spose theyre not opening them up too much for safety reasons.


  1. This event is more about having fun, than serious racing. :) Everybody with a bike that is old enough can just go there, pay a (really small) fee and race.

    I was there in 2009 and I really enjoyed it. Nice relaxed atmosphere.

  2. It looks like a great event, I have always wanted to see people going around the track on the old board track bikes. I realise it is unfeaseable to pound around there at top speed ha ha.
    It would be nice to see one of those old bikes taken up to maximum speed some time.
    Could I ask did you ride and what bike?

  3. It really is a great event! Too bad I missed it this year!

    I wanted to go for a few (fun) rounds on my GS400*, but my mates bike (Yamaha DS7) broke down (again :)), so we went there by car...

    Some of the guys actually do get pretty quick, but I think top speed would be a little ... unpleasant. :)

    Some more YouTube Videos:

    * = - (Now wit a black Giuliari seat.)

  4. Hi there
    If You mean where geographically, Darmstadt, Germany.
    If You mean where on the computer, here's the url

  5. this is just a short bicycle track, when in the oldentimes the wooden board tracks would have been a mile. good to to see them ridden at all, most of these relics only sit festering in museums.
    Raus Raus!