Friday 10 December 2010

Repro Triumph Speed Twin forks

I just saw this interesting piece of classic bike info on the Dutch Vintage Motorcycle Association site. Maybe if he gets enough orders the price will come down like.

Repro Triumph Speed Twin forks

(*for real Triumph Motorbikes!) They've been out of production for around 70 years, but if Jake Robbins gets sufficient interest they're gonna be available again.

But just how much are they likely to cost, Jake?

"That's difficult to say for certain.

But I'd estimate around £1500-£1800,

complete and ready to fit.Yes, that sounds a lot, but these will be made in exactly the same way they were made by Triumph with all new castings and the correct tapered tubing.

I'm looking for around half a dozen orders to get it started and make the project viable."If anyone out there is interested, we can vouch for the quality of Jake's work

(see feature on Jake elsewhere on this site).

You can reach him on: 07986 254 144, or by email at

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