Tuesday 21 December 2010

Wierdo, Sideburn, Dirty, Greasy Culture

I am pleased that I was given the opportunity to do artwork for some good folks in 2010, and that I have done some fun bike based projects. I am glad to be asked to undertake commissions for great players in modern custom bike culture, as I have no access to workshop facilities I can contribute in another way via artwork. I am pleased with how the images for Lowbrow Customs, Sideburn, and FOTS came out. Sorry if I induced any vomiting with this post. (PS: I didn't do the lowbrow stickers, I did the illustrations in the mag)


  1. Where is the gallery? i would like to check it out

  2. @anonymous, There's no gallery, These are in magazines. And the tshirt photos are from an event that has now ended. Cheers