Friday, 30 December 2011

Reality Rides

I clicketh here, I clicketh there. Anyway I clicked on several links and then I was on yonder Mksim site thing. Lots of really cool images and videos in one stylish place. Of  late, the humble Honda has muscled it's way into my thoughts. It's all very well looking at all these JAP engined secials but you have to have serious paper or decades in the game for realisation of those dreams. Good old Hondas. Sturdy, cheap, reliable, and look, a stylish 'Girl' is on one. Yea some of these pics might be a bit old and I have no clue where they originated but all these I got from this Mksim site place. It's all French so I understandeth not.


  1. See my bike and my website on yours is my best christmas present lol
    Thank you so much man