Monday, 27 June 2011

Cubs rule

The do actually. I went on Chalopy, then on Peaks. C series Honda's have a bit of a cult following type thing. Something appeals about the small 4 stroke power clump in that funky lightweight structure. I cannot tell WTF is going on here because it's all in an Asian type/language, but Yea there's some cub modifying goin down here. Yea custom Honda cub c50 c70 c90 cub bobber chopper rat honda c90 etc...


  1. as a vintage honda cub owner and enthusiast surely i have to post ''great''/but its more further than words what really appeals on hondas.after kawasaki 70s z900 and z1000 after 3 yamaha rd 350 lc 1982 and 1986 88 ypvs,after a suzuki gxsef 1135 '82,and two 1943 b.s.a wd m20s,after a 1966 bmw r27 and a nos!!!bought at 1998 kawasaki s2 350 1971,after a bmw r12 1936 iam in love only with that small machine.the cub!! i had 2-3 as a teen back to 80s and now at 45 i have more 2 restored and one rat rod in progress.what else?little unbreakable machines/economical easy to source parts low consumption...already i have over 100.000 km on my press cub of 1993.authentic unrestored!!i kept only the old ww2 bsa just to have own existance=and my sons!!belong to gubs from here to eternity hahah GREETINGS FROM GREECE!!