Monday 6 June 2011

Shiny single

Somebody smashed it with this one. Does anyone who might stumble upon this site have any info on this BSA B series custom? I got the pic from boylecomm's flickr (i'm sure it appears elsewhere too) It also appears on COC where it looks like it may be from norrtalje custom bike show or something. Seems to say Hermans Racing on it.


  1. Meh...not as rad as this puppy:

  2. Here´s another shot of it from the other side.

    And yes, it was exhibited at the Custom Bike Show in Norrtälje, Sweden last saturday. But , and this is important: It was made in Finland (the Finns rule when it comes to totally crazy, but really well built bikes) Brilliant!

  3. @Ogri, yes ha ha!
    @Johan cheers nice one

  4. Its from our garage and owner is Lävi, i did paint and pre work for this bike, Robin.B did the text and stripes. Its mostly every part made by hand so no bolt-on shit on this one, even the oiltank is made by hand by Isto.