Thursday, 25 August 2011

Blog randomizer

I went on a surfing spree. There are loads of good pictures on this El Corra Motors. Visit for info on all the pictures. Nuts
 Listar Goldstar
 Nice Suzuki two stroke tracker
 ACME limey
 Mr Horsepower Harley drag bike
 Triumph unit dragbike
 Vincent dragbike
 Triumph cub sprinter / drag bike
 Harley Davidson Flathead
 Yamaha two stroke custom
 Jawa speedway nail
 Harley Davidson bottom end JAP top end dragbike
 Twin engined pre unit Triumph drag bike
 Triumph dragbike

 SOHC Honda cafe racer
 Over head cam Harley dragbike The Hog
 Royal Enfield Tracker Flat tracker
 Looks like a Meguro Auto Race bike Autorace


  1. that twin engine Triumph dragster "the Parasite" is my friend John Melniczucks bike. He raced it back in the day. Now a days, when it's not on display at a show or event, it sits on a specially made inlaid shelf 10 feet up on his cathedral celling living room wall!

  2. the 'harley davidson flathead' is actually a japanese rikuo

  3. Oh yea! duh! looks like it says it on the footboard too. Well spotted lol

  4. It's a honour!!! Cheerz from Italy.
    El Corra.