Monday, 31 October 2011

XT 500

Guilty pleasure! What do You do if You can't afford to cobble together a bike that's been festering in the back of the garage for years? Just pretend it's done. This one is Bens Yamaha XT 500 chopper (like SR). At first I was like wtf is this thing, but then I was like sod it this thing is a wierd crush! Sit on it a couple of times and Youre texting it everyday and stalking it on facebook. Anyway I like it and would like to see it on the road. For the time being it remains a loosley assembled pile of bits in it's owners hoard. NB smoking is bad, always wear a crash helmet, we do not condone riding with disconnected brake cables, any retina damage incurred whilst reading this is not the responsibility of the site, refferences to the site being, always look forwards whilst riding except when looking in other directions for safety not ride backwards.

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