Tuesday, 22 November 2011

The Rollerburn part 1

Yea the event was really good. The grand finale was exhilerating and hilarious, one memorable aspect was comedian Charlie Chuck blazing down the strip in the roller drag race. It was so mad seeing some of the bikes and all of the people, meeting loads of new faces and having fun galore. Computers knackered so heres a couple of images for now, so many cameras there there's much more photos here for example.
Thanks to El Solitario mc for some of the photos and also this shed brewed one. Theres so many pictures I'll put more on here if the computer survives.
Bens XT chop @ the CFH stall
 Me @ the amazing Shinya bike.
 Charlie Chuck
 Good Pete Stansfield's Drag bike.
 My BSA in the custom bike section, not sure how well it was recieved compared to all the top notch customs there!

 Me @ CFH stall

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