Saturday 10 December 2011

My bikes from time

How time flies! Hard to believe the Yamaha FS1E pictures are almost 20 years ago! I had loads of other bikes but there are no photos.
The mz TS 125. This was the two stroke bike we rode on the fields. I put a knobbly tyre on the rear, the tank was painted by father, nice job! This bike was totally unsuitable for the fields. The footrest shaft was a solid rod and also acted as the rear brake lever pivot. Every time I rode the bike it would be dropped and the footrest snapped off taking the rear brake with it. Had to be welded back on. The front forks would bottom out all the time delivering a nasty jolt to the arms. I dont know where it is now. This was late 80's or or something.
 I had this Kawasaki AE50 which was a trials version of the AR50. Yea hard to believe almost 20 years ago! nuts.
 Yamaha FS1E, I had loads of these things. I had like 6 frames in the shed. I wish I still had it all now. I swapped the lot for 1 working bike in the end. I made up the fs1e out of various parts. I had the disk on the front. I had the head skimmed and sent the barrel off to be polished in the ports. Also had the micron exhaust and also the all speed exhaust sometimes. In the end I found a sort of vintage racing expansion chamber with no silencer and some Italian writing on it. I think this bike did the 58 ish mph downhill with a back wind if I remember. That could be down to inaccurate speedometer reading.
I whonder where this is now. The reg was jgv 385n on one of them.
 The hair is a distant memory!
 Oh yea!