Tuesday 31 January 2012

cfh at engine school

 Had a very nice cuppa with Lawson & David from Powerhouse Automotive in Sheffield this afternoon. They were kind enough to explain to a clueless noob (Richard, not Max) how an engine works and how to make it better. As they said, I'm not going to turn the 250 into a 400 but a bit more 'go' will be always be welcome. Dynos, porting, boreing, inlets, outlets, skimming, mixtures, needles, mid range, top end... just about clung onto the conversation but my brain is spinning a bit. They deffo know the deal so if you're in the North and want your motor to be better give them a call.
 They were also keen to stress that they're in the middle of a re-location and usually the place looks like a doctors surgery rather than a clean version of my shed.
  Davids project scooter. Gonna need the pedals to help round these parts. 7 hills. Just like Rome, but better.

 Brake overhauls too... They're well known for that.
Yeah, that'll be a nitrous bottle on the side...

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