Thursday 16 February 2012

1982 Montessa Cota

Pipped to the post by the Deristricted blog but anyway, here's my mate Coopers Montessa. It's super clean int' flesh. Coops is a legend for bike riding round these parts - one of those people who was born with style. Rides his BMX like his moto x. Lad's not feared at all. He and his dad are mega skilled mechanics with the best living room / garage conversion ever. Photos of that soon. Anyway - bike check ahoy...

"I’ve recently finished a nice restoration project of an ’82 Montesa trials bike. It took me 5 weeks to complete. I bought the bike from an auto jumble pretty cheap as a non-runner.
After a fair bit of research I found everything I could about the bike. I tracked down a brand new original piston in Arizona USA, Re-bored the cylinder and fitted new seals. Painted the engine, fixed the kickstart mechanism. Made several new bushes for the swingarm, rear brake pedal, footrest etc. Bead blasted the fork bottoms and rebuilt with fresh seals etc. New rear twin shocks came from Shocktech Suspension. Had all the nuts, bolts washers footrests and spindles re-plated. Polished all the aluminium parts including carburettor, fixed the sticking choke lever.
The frame, forks, swingarm, side stand, petrol tank, sump guard and wheel hubs were painted back to original factory colours!
Fortunately a supplier in the south of England specialises in trials bikes of that era so after £700 quid it started to look like it did when it rolled off the showroom floor in 1982 and it now runs sweet!!
All the pictures were taken by my cousin Tom who’s a keen photographer."

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