Friday 25 May 2012

Moo cards X CFH X photo competition

If you've got a slammin' enough bike to warrant an ASBO (Absolutely Slamming Bike Order), or you've nabbed one of our postcards at a show then you've held a Moo postcard. Proper quality, fast turnaround and based in the UK. All you want / need from a business card company. Check them out  HERE

Wanna get some printed for yourself? Course. Brothers from another blog, Moo have offered 3 sets of 100 business cards to you. The best 3 photos we receive of a CFH logo somewhere will win your own cards. The logo can be on a t-shirt, sticker, ASBO card, tattoo or you can scratch it on your tank with a rusty nail. Spread the word, take a photo and send it to

Entries close July 1st so you've tons of time.

 ...sommat like this but better.

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