Sunday, 24 June 2012

Wheels and Waves by Sam Christmas

Wheels and Waves event/ride photos by Sam Christmas. This was the event organised by Southsiders in France. I was invited to exhibit and ride in this 2 day event in Biarritz France. I rode down with 2 others from London to Portsmouth, then got the ferry to Santander Spain. We then rode up to Biarritz. The event was basically party one night, exhibition and long ride next day, then party, then long ride next day, then party. Then we rode back to England from Biarritz. The return journey was straight up through France to Calais. It was over 600 miles or 1000 kilometers. The Honda CX 500 broke down and ciesed near Bordeux, then a hole melted in the BSA piston at Calais. I dont know the total mileage covered during the trip but it must have been like 1000 miles or something. It was an amazing trip and I met all kinds of people from t'interweb and stuff. Really good fun.

 Ornamental Conifer
 Ornamental Conifer and I
 Ornamental Conifer, Dimitri Coste and I

Jonathan from Death Traps MC

 Kingdom of Kicks James contemplates

 I was quite a burden with the BSA

 Ben on Baybutts CX 500

 I try out El Solitario MC's Winning Loser

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