Monday 17 September 2012

Rusty Nail flat track domination

Ross of Rusty Nail racing is a bit of a natural. If you've ever tried to keep up when he's riding his c90, you'd better be gifted or driving something mental. He won the novice rounds at Rye House flat track yesterday and kicked some ass in the Thunderbike class. It was only his second ever flat track race and the first race on his new bike. Hero.

Amazing day - Death Spray, Ornamental Connifer, The Prez, Kristina, Co Built Sideburn and plenty of others were all out enjoying the left-straight-repeat, action. My first taste of flat track racing too - what a treat. Will deffo be back next season and hopefully have a go too.


Photos by baybutt


  1. Whoever:
    What a great series of photos! Find me a rider older than I am that rides like that and I might give it a try.
    Jim A., Tucson, AZ

  2. How old are you Jimbo?!
    You might be surprised at the age of some of them.

    1. 72 going on 55 (yrs, not mph) riding a '62 Velo Venom.
      Jim A., Tucson, AZ