Saturday 9 February 2013

International Island Classic Challenge

Yea! Badboy Nick from Australia did a good job getting some nice bike shots from the event at the Phillip Island Circuit. Check them out. Link to deets
 1960 Triumph Thunderbird outfits
 1972 CB550 500cc
1978 Kawasaki Z1R 1000cc
 1979 Honda CB900 985cc
1980 Mcintosh Suzuki 1100cc
 1939 BSA M24 Goldstar

Irving Vincent Black Lightning 1300cc a
 Duc F1 750cc
 King Dazza's Outfit 1980 GSX 1100
 Lindsay Urqharts Indian eight valve a
 Lindsay Urqhart's restored 1915 model H Indian c
 Lindsay Urqharts Indian eight valve b
 Pitlane Rebuilds on the floor

 Trev working on the Kwaka
 Waddon Minarelli 1980 125cc
1927 BSA Model S a

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