Friday 22 March 2013

Spotted this '48 Manx Norton TT Racer with Norcal history up on the MidAmerica Auctions website, what a beauty!

the ad reads- "This Manx TT racer is being offered in current unrestored condition. Magnesium engine cases with northern California history. Perfect runner. Sold with a Bill of Sale."

I've particularly been digging this bike as I've been experimenting with using molasses to stain the frame and some of the tinware on my '46 B33 and '49 M21 projects. A lot of the parts I have have unrestored or poor paint and dull chrome which I really love, the problem is trying to match sandblasted or new parts with the older ones. My recent trip to Japan gave me a few interesting insights into the way many builders there use vinegar and acids to fake patina on painted parts and surfaces by taking off thin layers of cheap rattle can paint and flash rusting what is exposed with beer and even urine. I don't know if I could piss on magnesium crankcases but this Manx certainly has me chomping at the bit.