Saturday 22 June 2013

Wheels & Waves 2013 my stupid photos 2

Same text
Got up on the cam, shaved some metal from the side of the steed, dueled with fast riders on mountain curves. Wheels & Waves, the three day drink and danger binge. Had some great rides with some good new pals and old pals. Thanks to James Jordan of Kingdom of Kicks for the use of the triumph when my BSA bit the dust, and loads of other stuff. And thanks to Vincent for the event and everything. And thanks to the Ruby helmets brigade for taking my BSA to Paris.
My camera battery ran out. I got these fairly amateurish snaps of the lighthouse post battery failure.
I'll post other peoples photos soon!

 KT Fender
 Photographer Alberto Garcia Alix (left)
 Chris Cooke and Sideburn Ben
 Jules And Fiddy of Davida Helmets
 Paul D of The Vintagent

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