Thursday 8 August 2013

Its on at Mud Crab, CFH x Sideburn Ride out

3pm at Mud Crab for ride.
7 onwards for social event
Click Here for info
The ride is planned! Finally. About 65 miles on some rad roads round the Peak District.
Meeting at Mud Crab diner from 2:30.
Tanks full & kickstands up at 3:30.
There are a couple of petrol stops for those with small tanks and we'll stop half way for a leg stretch.
Contingencies if it's raining sideways but fingers crossed it isn't.
Will give out some maps on the day in case you get lost.


  1. Thanks for a great day out!!
    The ride was fab, cool bikes, lovely people, great coffee!!
    Shame we missed the main event, due to the Armstrong's lack of lights. Looking forward to seeing the pics!

    1. cool yea good one!!
      ride was best bit ha ha