Thursday 19 September 2013

Rory Story

The other Saturday I rode the BSA East through London. After passing the Old st roundabout I looked over my shoulder and saw Rory appear on his Triumph. We said "Yo hows it goin? off to the lockup?" " Yea cool lets go!" His bike stalled and we were a few seconds while it was re started, then we rode off. This small time delay may have jiggled fate, maybe... or it may have been the red traffic lights up ahead? Who knows. But 3 minutes later I was flying over the bonnet of a BMW. The car turned across my path and I went into it and over the front. Rory was behind, and witnessed the crash, helping out loads at the scene, really good.
   Then Strangely, seeming like fate playing some sort of game, 1 week later, Rory is riding his Triumph through London, when a car turnes across his path, and they collide. His Triumph is smashed and he sustains injuries to his right leg, the same leg I sustained injuries to in my crash 1 week earlier. Almost the same crash as I had!
Two bikes happen to meet on the road, then have the same accident 1 week apart......... Mysterious....weird..
Anyway, get well soon to the Rory!

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