Tuesday 4 May 2010

CB400 Four Snore

I would customise this if I had any spare money left after spending 20 quid here and 20 quid there on little bits and bobs. Brake shoes, brake hose, master cylinder, exhaust, exhaust gaskets, bulbs, oils, seals, ignition... It all ads up. At the end I'll still be riding a rusted clump. These 400 fours are good bikes tho, and sound great when revved. Tickover is smooth. Nice smooth quiet little motor with great power and upwards of 10,000 rpm. 103 ish mph top speed. Many people sight this as the bike they would love to own again.


  1. looks ready for the tipple run man - you will be on your own doing 103mph this year though

  2. Ha Ha Yea I think that 103mph would happen if I had a 20 mile downward slope with a 103mph backwind. I got the mot today so she's ready to rock. 6 gears, sounds like your'e doing 90 when Youre only doing 30. Spose Ill just get used to the pedestrians scowls of dissaproval ha ha