Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Denvers cb750 chopper survivor

This good old good one is on ebay at the moment. Wicked photos show a mad close up of the distressed finish after all these years. Heres the link

Edit: Reading a thread on the JJ (internet forum) It seems this is not a Denvers bike. This from member Kayjohn. "I've emailed Mondo and Donnie Sr. with no responce. Freddie did get back with me and his answer was NO WAY !!!!!!!!!!!

I've known about the pink bike for around six years. It pops up every now and then always with a different seller and story to go with it each time. The time line doesn't work on the info given on this bike ether. The guy says it's a 1970s build but the Denver's pipes were not made until the mid 70s. My guess is that the guy that tried to sell the bike six years ago and who also had an original Denver's with the same kind of pipes for sale at the same time swapped the pipes because a year later when the original Denver's popped up on eBay again it had a set of 2 into 1s with a different seller and story but the same drive way in front of the same house as the pics the year before with both bikes.

And if Donnie Sr did paint it it wasn't at Denver's because it was over ten years later in the early 80s when Donnie started painting for Denver. It does have alot of Denver's parts on what I've been told is an AEE frame."


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