Friday 4 March 2011

Decision's decisions

Girder or teles, I have girder blades and yokes that need a shed load of bits + a front wheel. On the other hand I have a set of teles with front wheel. But they need to come apart and may need new bits too. Girder = mega cool but mega pricey. Teles = quite cool and fairly affordable. I spose teles for now and do the girder in the meantime. If anyone has any girder links or a girder front wheel let me know cheers. BTW the links in the picture don't fit.


  1. Always better to be rolling than dreaming I s'pose.

  2. yo Max,

    Lurkingclass from the JJ used to own this BB34 goldie with a 1940's Norton girder front end (i think) apparently they go stright on, best to ask him though.

    Nick (Australia)

  3. Yea I am a fan of that barge for sure. I think You'd need a big deposit for the mortgage on a Norton girder tho ha ha