Tuesday 1 March 2011

Email things 2

I recieved another email from Doug, who rides all year in snow and everything. He's made a helmet patch for winter riders. He writes:
"Hey I'm not sure if you are crazy/stoopid enough to ride on two wheels all
year (like me), or if you'd have Third Reich issues with this design (my
father was an American combat vet that fought in Holland and Germany and I
don't think he'd approve, but, when you have an opportunity to replace a
swastika with a snowflake, it seems worth taking to me. That plus the Sesame
Street color scheme and it's at least as de-Nazi'd as a 325is.), but, I made
a helmet decal for winter riders. (email him for one I suppose: doug at plum islandfocus dot com)" Remove spaces.

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