Friday 8 July 2011

I have one.

Try telling any fe-male on the planet that this is good, You will definately fail. I rode this around country lanes all day, such fun swooping around bends, seeing how far You can go without letting off the accelerator. Ducking down on straights to see what top speed You can get, then hear it ticking over hapily at the next junction as if nothing ever happened. After all that I wanted to ride into the house and around the kitchen cooking dinner, then ride into the living room to watch telly etc. Anyway, good bit of fun transport for when the larger bike is out of action, and super cheap to run/tax. I left it in as found condition for now, got plans for this grid.
The cub was on that tv show where it was no1 greatest ever motorcycle, heres the link

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  1. Got myself a SS50 for 3 years,never gonna sell it!I share the same feeling whenever I ride that thing.Good luck with yours!