Saturday 12 November 2011

CFH @ Rollerburn

Yea going to have a CFH stall at this shindig. I have nothing to sell there except tshirts so Yo I did some more designs. If all goes to plan and nothing goes seriously wrong then These 2 images here and another drag bike one will be printed on the tshirts and can be purchased if anyone wants one. Swing by the stall at rollerburn and check it out. I made a backdrop. Seems huge in my room but I know its going to look like a postage stamp at the event. Here's the event details
   It's all on shedule for the tshirts, although I screen print them all myself in my room so anything can go wrong!. Bringin the BSA too.
2 of the designs for t shirts.

Look out for this backdrop at the event!


  1. Looking great, are they going to be available through the website too?
    If so I'd like to buy both in a large black :)

  2. Hi there
    Cheers, I'll have tham on the website If I get the screens and print them without any problems. Yea Ill put them on. Watch this space!

  3. yeah, those designs are sweet, make it happen!
    (in small please)

  4. Nice, I'll take the top one when they're done.

  5. Yea cool! It may be happening.

  6. I went to Asda but they don't do slay binge's! No idea what it is but I want one.