Thursday 10 November 2011


A couple of videos to digest, You may or may not have seen. A guy surfing quite recklessly and shooting a gun around (as ya do!) And a whole mess of dudes wheelie'ing like its going out of fasion. The wheelie gang is in Pakistan, Not sure about the gun nutter.

Wheelie dudes

It's interesting to look at these videos, maybe it's sort of like looking at bike culture once the western historical influences have been mostly removed. Take away the cafe racer/leathers and chequered patterns, Take away the Harley macho hog baggers and the easy rider bro chops, what are You left with? Surfing in flimsy cloth whilst shooting a gun around and 2 up wheelies on small Chinese/Japanese bikes whilst riding in swarm formation. Looks like that guy with the gun doesent give a toss if He falls off and gets mangled. Anyway yea dont do any of that stuff.

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  1. Those doods can wheelie to ebay to get one of those bikes!