Wednesday 4 January 2012


A quick Bank Holiday scorch to the Ace, once the hub of the Cafe Racer scene. Not this day tho. Bleak chilly concerete expanse with a sprinkling of pristine sport bikes, couple of baggers and some touring type mammoth's. There was this ratted out GS750 there tho!


  1. Your BSA is superb, there's a few mates down Bristol/somerset way riding sorted singles and this one is up there in the lovely used real world, spectacular, did you ever wonder about painting the reg. on the mudguard 30's style to eliminate the big plate, perhaps its a stretch too far for Old Bill and the MoT man....
    Nice one whatever, great blog as well many thanks
    pip pip

  2. Thank You re the props, yea might look into that option, the rear is well small tho, not sure it would fit!