Friday 6 January 2012

Harken unto this

Biholden these pictures be at large within Sideburn Magazine. Haven the yarn within the mag joinen unto. Sam Christmas, he dide these great photos, Tofore this, The mag hath been publisheth, so thinketh me it's ok to displeien them. As I say get the full story in the mag because I wrote a bunch of text that encompasseth it.


  1. Does it run? There seems to be a number of the electrics missing, like the Regulator and Magdyno.

  2. nice pics
    very nice bike!
    me like so much

  3. Thanks cheers!
    @Tig Yea shes on the road, Rode it to this location to take the pictures. The magneto is there and that's all that's required. (Dynamo to come) here is an initial startup vid before it was on the road

  4. Your Beeza is relly great !!
    Really Rock & Roll !

  5. I had one of those 30+ years ago. Half way home from picking it up it threw a... I mean, the rod out the bottom. I left it on the side of the road and never looked back.

    If only I had of known then what I know now...

  6. Love it, very much the anti-hero eh? Love the judicious use of gaffer tape and a bit of wooden stick! Absolutely smothered in authentic patina, just as it should be! Top man!