Tuesday 3 April 2012

Epic Sheffield #1

CFH in Sheffield. Everyone needs to go to Sheffield for a ride, amazing scenery, epic views, nice people and amazing windy/hilly lanes to get lost in. Burn some of the dust off the sides of Your tyres! I have this 1974 Honda c70 which I updated with a 140cc stomp pit bike engine, which claims to deliver 16bhp at the flywheel. Had to deliver/collect some stuff so I put the recently roadworthy Honda in the back of the car. The weekend was a blaze of raucous cornering and culminated in a 40-50 strong convoy of Honda c90's that turned out for the Matlock bimble, a dedicated Honda cub run.
   I must admit I was dubious about the Matlock bimble beforehand but it turned out to be one of the most amazing motorbike rides and I'm thouroughly glad I went! It was also the first chance I had to give the yx140 engine a good old try out, and it didn't disappoint! The poor bike was coming apart at the seams with the force! I recommend everybody get's a Honda cub, You will know the score once You try one, like bike crack.
   1st pics are from Saturday's scenic ride, Baybutt, Myself and Malco explore the hills. (obviously Baybutt took the photos)
The steeds
 A visit to Mike and Katie (We Are Tado) Totally nice folks.
 A work in progress!
 Check the front wheel, That's bouncing like a basketball!

 Custom honda c90 choppy cub choopy c70 ratbike pit bike engine in cub etc bla bla


  1. Hey there, couple of things, firstly cool c70,

    Just wondering if you'd considered doing a C50/70/90 sticker in Corpses art style at all? Any other stickers coming to your shop soon either?

    I imagine the other C90Club guys might fancy a C90 style sticker or two for both headlight styles etc...

    Finally what's the other bike in the first pic, can't find it in your past posts.



    1. Hi there,
      Yea we just got some stickers with the logo on them. Will do some other designs in the future i reckon. maybe will look at the cub angle!
      re the other bike, that is Baybutt's honda cd250u, it was on bike exif a while ago http://www.bikeexif.com/rat-bike

  2. Hi, I've just made the connection between yourself, this site and the forum where Ive followed your build. In fact I've posted photos of your bike on my blog borrowed from Boo. Im glad you enjoyed the Matlock gathering so much. I wish I could have went. You'll have to come over to Ireland and see how we do it here :-)



  3. Great means of transportation.. They just keep going whilst slowly rusting away. Those that mock them will never understand. They must be in vogue now since everyone seems to be chopping them at the moment.

  4. Is that a CD top clamp your using? I really want to get my C90 on the road this summer, Lovin' the pics!!!